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Moral and ethical codes of the «OOO “MENWIN INTERNATIONAL CORP"» Company.

  1. Respect the «OOO “MENWIN INTERNATIONAL CORP"» Company, and clearly represent the goals, purposes and direction. Have a perfect knowledge of marketing and not to allow distortion of the facts.
  2. Accept the Company purposes, to move in the same direction with it, in the solution of the general tasks.
  3. Respect all Partners of the Company and the team.
  4. Invite only adequate people into business, who have the same purposes, as you. Bear responsibility for those people whom you invited.
  5. Respect the person who gave you the information and invited you to this Project. You should always remember, you will be the informative mentor for someone else too.
  6. Under any circumstances, never condemn a mentor, who invited you into business with your team. There is a law in the network industry - "the Sponsor is always right". Remember that there is the "boomerang" law in business.
  7. Observe ethics, decency and diplomacy in every conflict situations and resolve disputes in a calm atmosphere.
  8. Remember that your mentor is not obliged to sponsor you financially as he/she is your informational mentor only. It also concerns you in regard to the people of your team.
  9. For non-conflict conducting the own business, invite only relevant people to the team, without trying to intercept partners from other leaders. The new Partner can always choose the mentor.
  10. The registrar of structure is obliged to remind the registered partners that they need to change the passwords in the back-office. For the avoidance of financial abuses, only You should know your password.
  11. Do not give destructive and negative information and do not send the links of other projects to the chat-rooms and to the conference room of our project. It will discredit you as a leader and destroy the relations in your team. You will be duplicated by your partners.
  12. Help the people to form the positive attitude to the project and show the availability and possibility of achievement of an ultimate goal with the own experience.
  13. Bear full responsibility for conducting this business and remember: that you and only you are the guarantor of success!