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The present Agreement is concluded between the Company “Menwin international corp.”, and independent representative – Partner of the “Harika-Travel” Club (hereinafter the Partner) about the obligations that accepted the Company and Partner under the present Agreement.

1. Preliminary agreement:

1.1. The Parties of the Agreement operate as the subjects of business activity the independent activity directed on the receiving of profit. The Partner conducts the business activity according to the laws of the Partner location country and the present Agreement;
1.2. According to the marketing plan, condition of receiving the status of the Partner is the obtaining the business-place as the Company's independent-distributor, with a package of trainings and advertizing materials.
1.3. The Company does not take monthly payments and does not have a program with monthly purchases of the product. The condition for the Partner, involved into business, is a one-time payment for a business-place in marketing and a Partner package with trainings and advertizing materials;
1.4. The condition of movement on marketing plan is the Partner obligation to give two recommendations during the passing of the first matrix.

2. The rights and the responsibilities of the Parties:

2.1. According to this Agreement, the Partner has the obligation:

2.1.1. To perform the acts, directed for the publication of information and orders for goods and services of the Company “Menwin international corp.”, among potential clients. The condition for obtaining rewards by the Partner leaving the matrices: two personal recommendations.
2.1.2. Contribute to the account of the Company, a one-time payment of 120 (one hundred and twenty) euros, to secure a working business-place in the marketing program, creation of the own partner team and purchase the package with trainings and advertizing materials (the model of the branded business cards, and other materials prepared by the Company);
2.1.3. Search for the business partners, and also search for partners for the Company’s goods and services;
2.1.4. Distribute the Company's advertising materials to potential clients;
2.1.5. Make contacts with clients, both potential and who concluded the Company's Agreement for the goods and services;
2.1.6. Make other actions necessary for expeditious and effective realization of the goods and Company services, is not prohibited by the laws of the State under whose jurisdiction the Partner is, and not contradicting conditions of the present Agreement;
2.1.7. Keep the moral and ethical code of the Company;
2.1.8. Use slides and accompanying text for the business presentation approved by the Company, which are in a back-office of the Partner;
2.1.9. The company forbids to use the Corporate logo on the personal websites (except the personal websites of Company's information centers), in the records of copyright videos and other materials without obtaining the documentary permission from the Company;
2.1.10. It is forbidden to use Company's conference-room inappropriately, to expose private advertizing products, the information about other companies, to conduct the personal correspondence in order to solve issues not related to the project;
2.1.11. Provide the Company only verifiable information, including telephone numbers, post-addresses and e-mail, the data of identification documents confirming registration of residence and the actual place of residence;
2.1.12. In case of change the personal and contact information of the Partner, provided to the Company at conclusion of the Agreement, notify the Company about any changes in these data, no later than 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of changes;
2.1.13. Provide only accurate information about business and the Company. Prevent and do not allow any written or oral statements discrediting the Company in the chat-rooms, on events of the Company and in mass media;
2.1.14. The Company can impose a fine on the Partner in the amount up to 5000 (five thousand) euros for the false and wrong submitted information discrediting the Company, in case of an evidence provision of his/her illegal actions. The Partner can be deprived of a business-place without compensation of rewards received on Company marketing plan in the special cases, which could make a damage to the Company or repeated cases after the first warning;

2.2. The Company has the obligation:

2.2.1. Enable the Partners to choose a unique available username which will be connected with the back-office in the marketing system of Company, and will provide the round-the-clock access to operational and registration system (back-office) from the moment of the conclusion of the present Agreement;
2.2.2. Ensure the confidentiality data, as well as the operations data in a back-office of the Partner;
2.2.3. Provide to the Partner an advertizing platform for successful promotion of product and Company services (opportunity to use online-room for conferences and business presentations);
2.2.4. Provide to the Partner an opportunity to participate in Partner programs for promotion of Company's goods and services;
2.2.5. Hold regular ON-LINE conferences, trainings, to organize events and seminars, and also to provide regular information and technical support of the Company; 
2.2.6. Ensure the timely calculation of the Partner’s rewards, according to the marketing system;
2.2.7. Provide the timely compliance of demands for travel trips;
2.2.8. If the Sponsor does not have the good business relationship with his/her Partner (Referral) or he/she is not satisfied with the work results of the Referral, he/she (Sponsor) can help to sell a Referral’s business-place to the active Partner or detach a Referral’s business-place from his/her team and secure it under another Sponsor, if such Agreement will be reached between the Sponsors. The Company undertakes to consider this matter within five days and make a decision in favor of one Party.

3. Terms of payments:

3.1. According to the marketing plan, the Partner receives reward on the basis of the bonus program and does not claim for the Company profit. Rewards to the Partner will be calculated to his/her internal account in the back-office;
3.2. Reward for a travel tour will be reserved on the Partner e-wallet. The Partner has the obligation to decide the time and trip's direction and make an order. Tour choice is up to the Partner. The Company will make payment for the tour, and the rest of funds will be transferred to an electronic wallet of the Partner or will be withdrawn in coordination with the Support;
3.3. The Partner, who has received a reward for a tour, has an obligation to make the tour-order to the place he/she would like to visit;
3.4. Withdrawal of funds, earned by the Partner on the marketing plan, will be provided by Company within 10 bank days via electronic payment systems. Withdrawal of the funds to the bank cards or bank accounts of the Partner will be provided after coordination of the opportunity with the Support of the Company and submission of the official request for a withdrawal with 5% transfer fee. The Partner will assume all expenses for withdrawal of the funds.

4. Liability of the Parties:

4.1. In case of failure or improper performance of one of the Parties the obligations under the Agreement, the other Party will have the right to apply to the Party in fault, the sanctions provided for in this Agreement;
4.2. The Party, which has caused damage to other Party under the Agreement, is obliged to indemnify material loss to other Party. Besides, it can serve as a basis for the early termination of this agreement at the initiative of the party to which the damage was caused;
4.3. In case of breach of contractual obligations by the Partner, the Company has the right to limit or completely close the access to a back-office of the Partner till elimination of committed infringements;
4.4. The Company does not incur the liabilities of the Partner to the third Parties even if these obligations are connected with execution of the present Agreement by the Partner;
4.5. In case of change of intention of the Partner to do business with the Company, the Partner solves all issues unilaterally, including handover of the business-place to another person. The Company does not compensate a one-time payment of 120 euros (one hundred and twenty euros) for a business-place and a package of the Partner with trainings and advertizing materials and does not sell the Partner’s business-places.

5. Guarantees and liability limitations:

5.1. The Company provides services for the purchase of tickets, travel tours from tour operators, and also offers individual tours to the apartment or special tours, in accordance with existing signed Agreements;
5.2. The Company does not guarantee the receiving a profit to Partner, determined based on his/her own understanding of the way of making a profit and scope of goods and services of the Company;
5.3. The Company guarantees the correct work of the marketing program designed by the Company;
5.4. In case of program failure, the Company guarantees restoration and fast program restart;
5.5. The Company guarantees restoration of a business-place, monetary resources and information in a back-office of the Partner, if it will be damaged in case of a failure or program hacking.

6. Confidentiality:

6.1. The Parties undertake not to disclose any information of the Agreement, including data of a client, rewards of the Partner and other information of the Parties;
6.2. The Partner is obliged to keep in secret data of a client, contractors and commercial transactions of the Company.

7. Resolving disputes:

7.1. Any dispute, disagreement or claim in connection with the present Agreement, will be necessarily allowed in the pretrial order by negotiation;
7.2. In case if the dispute wasn't allowed by negotiations between the Parties, concerned Party is obliged to send to other Party a written claim, which other Party is obliged to consider and give the written answer to other Party within 10 days after receiving a written claim;
7.3. If the Parties don't come to the mutual agreement within 30 calendar days, disputes can be allowed in the court under jurisdiction of the country of Company registration.

8. Period of validity, change the rules and cancellation:

8.1. The Agreement becomes effective from the moment of the electronic confirmation according to the item 1.2 and 1.3 of this Agreement;
8.2. The Company reserves the right to make changes the rules and regulations of the present Agreement. The Company will make the appropriate notification to the Partner about the changes on website" Ошибка! Недопустимый объект гиперссылки.";
8.3. After Partner's notification about the changes the rules and regulations means a full consent of the Partner with the new terms of the Agreement. In case of disagreement of the Partner with the specified changes of the Agreement, the Partner has the right to cancel the Agreement unilaterally;
8.4. The Partner may cancel the present Agreement with a notification of the Company in written or in other form, providing the appropriate notification of the Company about cancellation of the Agreement. In case of absence the objections of the Company, the Agreement is considered terminated in 10 business days after receiving the specified notification by the Company;
8.5. The present Agreement can be terminated by the Company in the following cases:
a) in case of the infringement by the Partner of Agreement terms and conditions of using operational-registration system of a back-office, and also other internal and state acts regulating activity of the Company;
b) in case of causation of the material or moral damage to the Company by the Partner, or committing the Partner’s actions which are not compatible with the honest business cooperation between the Partner and the Company; as well as in cases of infringement by the Partner of the moral and ethical code of the Company or the disrespectful and rude attitude to the Support of the Company or other Partners of the Company, distribution of the false information directed on undermining the Company’s activity. The Company has the right to cancel the present Agreement unilaterally, without compensation of any payments on marketing and without returning a one-time payment of 120 euros for purchase of a business-place and a package of trainings and advertizing materials;
c) in cases, specified in item 2.1.1. The company warns the Partner about the committed infringement and requires their elimination. If the Partner doesn't react to the Company requirements, then it will be allowed for the Company to impose a fine and block a back-office of the Partner before the conditions will be fulfilled;
d) in other cases, specified in the present Agreement.

9. Final Provisions:

9.1. The present Agreement in the form of the electronic document available to Partners on an official Company website – harika-travel.com – in the "Registration" section;
9.2. Messages and notices between the Parties may be sent by any type of communication to the Parties (mail, the fax, an e-mail, etc.), being stored in a registration database and the Company can reliable establish the recipient. The Company has the right to send a notice and a message in the form of electronic letters to the Partner;
9.3. The Parties recognize that according to art. 8 of the Convention of the UN of 23.11.2005 "The Use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts" the present Agreement signed in electronic form, has bilateral validity, that is the same force, as an original.

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