How soon can I pass the marketing of project and start travelling?
     It depends primarily on your activity and the activity of your team. In fact, it is possible to receive the first reward in 1-2 months..
Is it possible to receive the rewards not only by trips, but also with cash?
     Yes, it is possible. According to the conditions of our marketing, in the gold matrix you will be charged 800 euros, 500 euros of which are sent to your e-wallet, so you can receive them with cash. 300 euros, from every passed cycle, are saved in the “Alanya” travel wallet, which you can spend on your tours.
What are my guarantees for receiving the rewards?
     The Turkish Company, the founder of the project, has already established itself as a company that works legally and builds a stable and long-term business of the international scope. As already working project Real Estate, the bonus rewards are paid on time and always in a way that is convenient for Partners. “Harika” is already an established brand, known not only on the Internet, but also due to the information centers opened by the Company in different countries and cities.

     If you come to do a business, you will have a guaranteed success, a lot of money and travelling.

What is the relationship between two project of the Company, the Tourism (Harika Travel Club), and the Real Estate (Harika Ev)?
     “Harika Travel” Club and “Harika Ev” are two official project of the Company. All of the apartments, which our partners will buy in the project “Harika Ev” or in the information centers, the Company will be profitable to rent them out to the members of “Harika Travel” Club. Some partners can receive a passive income, others - quality, more profitable and interesting stay. Good for everyone. Besides, people who want to participate in the Real Estate project, but do not have enough money; they can first participate in the Travel project, and then start the Real Estate project, return their investment and get earnings. Thus, the money will be debited from the e-wallet of one project and sent for the registration to other one.
If I received a reward, and I would like to travel with my loved one, but we do not have enough money? What should I do?
     There are several ways. First, you can always make the additional payment. Second, you can take part in the project together with your loved one, pass the marketing and begin making money together. Third, pass marketing several times; cycle after cycle the cash funds (300 euros) will be saved in your "Alanya" travel wallet, which you can cash out whenever you want!
Should I find the Travel Agency myself, to arrange a travel?
     The Company can do it for you. We cooperate with Major Tour Operators and Travel Agencies and we will find good offers for you. You only need to choose the place you want to travel to. If you would like to stay in the apartment, we can help to book the inexpensive air-tickets, arrange transfers from the airport and back. We will consult you on various issues appeared during your stay. Our purpose is to provide a quality service.
What is my work in the project?
     You participate in the project, get a ready turnkey business, and only you determine how successful it will be. You are an owner of business. There will not be a boss, who could make you to work, you will make a schedule yourself and help those partners you invited to the project. What to say and how to speak, you will learn on the business webinars, which you can find on your personal back-office. Earn money, travel and talk about this awesome opportunity to other people – that is the secret of success. According to the experience of our partners, photo albums or picture collections, they made during the travels, help a lot in their work. Show the pictures to people and share your experience, get money and travel. Good luck to you!
What do I get to participate in this project?
     Pay 120 euros once, you can travel all your life, and earn the same time. No risks. You can travel all over the world; make a lot of interesting discoveries.
What languages will the website be created?
     Site was initially created multilingual. We started with the Russian version, then in a short time to start up the English, German and Spanish.