Life is so short and fleeting, so it is important to strive for self-realization and self-expression. We should fill our lives with vivid impressions, positive emotions, knowledge of all the beauties of the world. That’s why “Harika Travel” Club was created. Panamian Company “Menwin International Corp.” is responsibility for the project.

    Do not live life as a bystander, do not stay at home all the time, do not lose the moments, do not be afraid and do not hesitate to live brightly. Do not wait for "later", because "then" and "tomorrow" could never happen!

    Live an active life, to love and admire the nature, countries and people, grandeur and minutiae, each blade of grass and a small insect, the seas and oceans, forests, mountains and canyons, megacities and small villages, sunsets and sunrises, flowers and their aromas.

    Wish, try, strive, learn and be in progress!

    Life is beautiful and every our partner can find a nice place in it!

    “Harika Travel” Club is not only love to the world and LIFE, and our network is not just a club of travelers.

    “Harika Travel” Club is a philosophy of positive worldview and active LIFE.

    We will not waste the life on the negative, will not live imposed false ideals and social attitudes. We wish to choose our own PATH and LIVE the way we want.

    First of all, our Company is not accepted to divide people into rich and poor. Everyone can live better, if he or she wants, and certainly does something for it.

    “Harika Travel” Club is accessible and open to everyone, without exception!   

    Friendship, Honesty, Integrity - these are the main values ​​of the “Harika-Travel” Club.

    We believe that the greatest HAPPINESS is to see the shining eyes and grateful smiles, to open up the new opportunities and to give the positive emotions to other people.

    What do people need to be happy? To observe the divine beauty of the world, to learn to see and admire the beauty of the sea, mountains and amazing sky, to appreciate other people, to understand how each PERSONALITY is unique and interesting.

    It is enough to realize the simple fact, that everything is very well now, you are really happy and there is no reason for the negative emotions, bad mood or sadness.

    The values of our Company are desire for inner harmony and happiness!

    Friendly smile and shining eyes can bring the real success to the partner of the “Harika Travel” Club. Remember it and many secrets will be revealed to you. There will be the new opportunities, you never dreamed of.

    We appreciate the sincerity and honesty, decency and a real personality.

    We do not accept hypocrisy, deception, aggression, anger and envy. There are no these people in the “Harika Travel” Club, and we hope, will never be!

    “Harika Travel” Club is an association of the active, inquisitive, open and just good people, the real PERSONS.

    Appreciate LIFE, help each other, share your experiences and encourage kindness and desire to LIVE! Then you will succeed the business in this project.

    When you start to travel, you see, understand and get a feeling, how truly GREAT to LIVE ON THE EARTH!

    If this happens, the founders of the project will consider their MISSION accomplished!

    Good luck to you, in this interesting journey to your new LIFE!


    Registration document “Menwin International Corp.”