The bonus rewards program for the Partners of "Harika-Travel" Club consists of two (blue and gold) matrices with seven seats.


    Start the first blue matrix (Entrance is 120 euros).

   There are three levels in the matrix. Levels are considered from the bottom up.

   A working team is the second and third levels in the matrix. The aim of this team is to invite four new partners and to fill the vacant seats on the first level. It is not important for the system, which partner fills the vacant seats.;

   The filling of the first level goes from left to right. Your login and the logins of your new partners fill the vacant seats of the first level and always follow the sponsors’ logins.

   When all the seats on the first level will be occupied with the new partners, the matrix splits vertically into two symmetric matrices.

   At this point, the third level partner leaves the matrix, and all the remaining partners rise to the level above.

   Thus, at the division of a matrix, two new matrices and two new teams are formed.

   At the first division of a matrix, partner login moves up to the second level, at the second division - to the third level.

   At the third division of a matrix, when it fills in with the new partners, 420 euros bonus reward is charged to your e-wallet.

   In order to get the reward, the system will check whether you have at least 2 personal recommendations (Referrals) on any level. If this condition is not satisfied, the system will send you to the "bench"(to wait for 2 new personal partners), to fulfill this condition.

   When the conditions are satisfied, the 420 euros amount divides into (1) 120 euros go to reinvest to the same blue matrix; (2) the first 300 euros reward goes to the gold matrix. There is a cycle in the blue matrix, and every subsequent cycle you will receive 300 euros reward to you personal account.

   There will not be more system checks for the personal recommendations again. (You have been tasted once, on the first cycle.)

   The second gold matrix start is 300 euros, which the partner earns in the blue matrix. The matrix system is the same like in a blue one. Every time the partners follow their sponsor. (If the sponsor is out of program, partners follow the sponsor until the third generation.) There is no qualification check there.

   You can earn 1100 euros bonus passing each cycle, 300 euros as the Reinvest go to the Golden matrix. You can get more than one reward in this matrix.

   Then your balance is 800 euros, distributed as follows: 500 euros are sent to your e-wallet and 300 euros are saved in the “Alanya” travel wallet, which you can spend on your tours.

   All your reward, you may withdraw via one of the payment systems of the Company.

   We wish you an easy passing of marketing, many rewards, the interesting trips and unforgettable bright impressions!