Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam)


Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnam)


   The location of Vietnam is on the peninsula of Indochina. More than a half of the territory is  mountains. The rivers are flowing from mountains and falling into the South China Sea. It formed a strip of seaside plains. The capital of Vietnam – Hanoi, and the largest city - Ho Chi Minh located on these plains. In recent years this country became the largest supplier of coffee grains and rice. Also there is export of cotton, tea, a peanut, bananas and seafood.

   The most ancient temples constructed by unknown civilizations in Vietnam. The beauty of national parks dazzles. The country with the most ancient culture and a huge number of historical monuments. Fascinating excursions, fine beaches, set of hotels with excellent service will make your rest unforgettable. Pluses are also in the low prices also. Many hotels and the boards which are located on the coast, have own the SPA salons of medical clay and massage offices. The rich underwater world and the best beaches of the South China Sea attract tourists from all over the world. Vietnam is the safest place in Asia.


Climate of Vietnam


   The climate is a little bit different between the South and the North of Vietnam. Hot winter in the South (to +26 °C) and cool in the North (+15 °C). Vietnam has a single rainy season during the south monsoon (May-Sep). For coastal areas and the parts of the central highlands facing northeast, the season of maximum rainfall is during the south monsoon, from Sep-Jan. These regions receive torrential rain from typhoons which move in from the South China Sea at this time of the year. The weather at this time is cloudy with frequent drizzle. The dry season is from December to April. There are soft sun and clear sea water at this time just for rest. You can visit Vietnam for holidays at any time of year. If there is too damp in one part of Vietnam , in another it is solar and warm.


Hotels, resorts of Vietnam


   Fantyet, Fukuok, Nha Trang are the most popular resorts.    

   Fantyet is near the city of Ho Chi Minh amid sandy dunes and pines. The place is quiet and perfectly  suitable for rest with children. Fans of surfing can take pleasure in hobby. It is the ideal vacation spot when there is a wish for silence and rest.

   Fukuok is the biggest island in the Gulf of Siam which is in 45 km from the coast. The tourist infrastructure is well developed on the island  and rest in this place will be silent, quiet and lonely. It is a paradise island with the most beautiful beaches and the magnificent nature. One of the best places for diving.

   Nha Trang – the medical resort with the most beautiful gulfs of the world. Mud cure and mineral water of this resort help treatment of patients with nervous breakdowns and diseases of joints, bronkho-pulmonary systems.

   There is a wide choice of hotels and boarding houses with average European level and a various buffet in the cities.

   The spiritual capital with a historical monuments of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh There. In the market of Bentkhan which is located in the downtown, you can buy various goods for all tastes.

   The resort of Da Nang attracts tourists too. The location is the middle of the Central Vietnam and it is famous of good climate all the year around. This resort has the well-known Chayna-beach with the soft, small and clean sand. There are also Marble mountains which were formed of islands. Because of the neighbourhood of military American base the industry of brothels and bars is developed.


Shopping and shops of Vietnam


   Many shops are open all day and night and without days off. The wide and various choice of goods and the low prices will pleasantly surprise you. You can find gold jewelry of excellent quality and at the similar price in Saigon. You may bring from Vietnam the souvenirs made of a bamboo, nacre, silver and an ebony. Clothes, accessories from silk and flax and as national suits will please every woman. It is a real paradise for purchases. The sportswear and footwear of known factories Nike and Adidas you can buy at very favorable price because their branches are located in Vietnam.

   There are "ethnic shops" in Hanoi. There you may find the souvenirs of life of mountain tribes of Vietnam.

    In the city of Hue you can buy the best conic hat.

   Well, all fruit which you have never seen in your life  even, you may to buy in any place of Vietnam.


Vietnamese cuisine and restaurants of Vietnam


   Basis of Vietnamese cuisine is rice and noodles with spices. Products haven't long heat treatment, that's why this food is healthy and light. There are a lot of greens in recipes of the Vietnamese cuisine. It is served with vegetables and sauces for dipping generally. In big honor are chicken meat, pork and seafood. Beef is used for soups.

   The green tea is the most popular. The "soda-chan" drink is very good too - mineral water with addition of a lemon and sugar .

    In Da Lat you can buy wines of local production, which on flavoring qualities don't lag behind from european quality, but are very peculiar. They are aged on herbs, roots, and sometimes and on snake poison.


Entertainments, excursions and sights of Vietnam


   Popular excursions are visits of a bay of the island Ha Long. The most beautiful landscapes, set of islands and rocks of a freakish form from limestone similar to a camel, a turtle and so on. On islands there are a lot of grottoes which were created by the nature. The most beautiful cave is Thien Cung (Heaven Palace). It is decorated by snow-white stalactites and stalagmites.

   Some excursions include visit of the city of Hai Phon. It is large seaport with many buildings in the French style. This city is famous for woolen carpets which are spun by local needlewomen.

   Around the city Ho Chi Min you may walk all day long. The Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral is in the downtown and will amaze you with the French architecture.  There is a Palace of Reunion with a lot of relices near Notre-Dame Cathedral. Ku Chi's well-known tunnels are located near Ho Chi Min, continue down to two hundred fifty kilometers

   A lot of monuments and sights, beauty of the nature will please all tourists. You may please yourself with driving on elephants and visit of crocodile farms, and as snake restaurants.


Outdoor activities in Vietnam


   The cheapest diving is in Vietnam. Islands Con Dao and Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An are the best diving-sites. A lot of fantastic corals and inhabitants of the underwater world will amaze you.

   Con Dao's archipelago is the national reserve. It is near the coast and consists of fourteen islands. There you may see exotic types of flora and fauna.

   The best time for diving is from October to April. You may order immersion's programs almost in each hotel on the coast. No matter you are professional or the beginner in the diving, everyone will find for himself an excellent place and the sea will present many positive emotions.

   And if diving is not for you, you may try spearfishing. It is very popular among tourists in Nja Chang. Good instructors, variety of sea inhabitants will amaze each vacationer.