If you already visited Egypt and Turkey, it is time to pack your bags luggage and to fly to Thailand. Thailand… as soon as you say this word, in consciousness at once there are colourful and fondly cheerful Buddhist temples, beautiful islands with snow-white sand, the turquoise sea and tropical vegetation. Since the first moment Thailand  bewitches everyone who comes here, and this condition doesn't disappear in this unusual and exotic country. Ultramodern Bangkok, magnificent hotels with faultless service, gold spikes of the Big Royal Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and other treasures of Bangkok — all this appears in front of guests as a picture of real east miracle and the fairy tale.Fabulous Phatthaya, the purest snow-white beaches of Samui, exotic and harmonous palm trees of islands of Samet and Co Chang. You will forget at once about all cares and take a dive into a festival of soul and a body. In Thailand you always feel as the welcome guest. The paradise rest and such bright impressions are waiting of you always here. Do you ask why?

   After you came to Thailand, you take a dive into absolutely not familiar Buddhist culture. The main goal of this culture - to move on the way of improvement and self-development for achievement of the brightened-up condition of the great teacher - Buddha. Possibly that is why, all without an exception, Thais are benevolent, peaceful, cheerful, inquisitive and sympathetic. And where you can catch a crocodile on a rod, drive on an elephant on the real jungle and admire Tiffany's bright show? Only in Thailand.

Climate of Thailand


   The location of the Thailand resorts is in a zone of tropical climate. The coast of the Andaman Sea, the Gulf of Siam, islands Pkhuket and Samui represent the real tropical paradise. From May to October there is the period of storm rains. But such rains usually continue no more than an hour and don't disturb rest. After rain in 10-15 minutes the weather is fine and sunny. Thai "winter" is +28-30 °C and at a temperature of sea water is +26-28 °C. In such season you may enjoy on a beach and also to travel excursion. "Spring" comes to Thailand since March and till the end of May  and the temperature is +35-40 °C, the sea warm and tender like steamed milk - +29-30 °C. This season of plants flowering and clear, cloudless weather.


Resorts of Thailand


   Bangkok – the capital of Thailand, was founded by the king of nowadays ruling dynasty Rama I in 1782. Through to the deep river Çao Phraya and an extensive network of channels, Bangkok received one more name from europeans – "Venice of the East". Thais call Bangkok – Krung Tkhep – "The city of angels". There is the most interesting Thai boats tour on channels of Bangkok. You may see with your eyes all contrasts of this surprising city and if you throw into water a piece of bread or an orange-peel, you will be amazed with a variety of river life. Today Bangkok is a cultural, religious and business center of the country. At first look, seems, that there is the eclecticism reigns in Bangkok. The magnificent palaces, temples adjoin the buildings from concrete and glass, and along all coast Çao Phraya you may see poor bamboo hovels.  Below there are narrow small streets, and on high of 15 - 30 meters over the earth - modern highroads. This city stuns, and you will fall in love with it. At that continually you may meet the pacified and cheerful thais.

   Phatthaya – the largest resort of Thailand located on the Gulf of Siam shore, in 150 kilometers from Bangkok. Throughout a way from Bangkok to Phatthaya, you will meet temples and assembly shops of modern plants of all known world brands. Phatthaya is favourably different from other beach resorts that after a sunset the life there is not slowed down, and even quickens. At this time you may sit in the bar, Japanese restaurant, to visit night club, the massage center or shopping. All shops are working till the last visitor.

   In many bars you can watch Thai boxing. This show is not for impressionable women. In Phatthaya You can enjoy brilliant show - Tiffany. It is world-famous the colourful dramatized performance with participation of the charming transvestites. The show is so impressive, you should visit it! The center of night life in Phatthaya - the well-known Walking Street. It is the street of "red lamps" with uncountable bars, with a striptease Show programs and shops. Almost everybody work till 2-3 nights.

   Phuket - the biggest Thai island. It is located in the Andaman Sea at the southwest coast of the mainland of the country. It covers an area of 540, 21 km in width and 48 km in length.

   The largest resort zones of Phuket are located along the western coast of the island. The resort Patong has the developed infrastructure, beautiful beaches and exciting night life. The main street of Patong - Bang-La Road, from 6 p.m. it become the noisy avenue with the cheerful companies of vacationers. The main bars and discos are concentrated here. In evening along Bang-L Road a lot of Thai girls and the transvestites are offering services. Restaurants with sea kitchen, massage salons, markets and shops - all this you will meet continually. Who loves quiet beach rest, will like beaches Karon or Kata - the purest and well-planned beaches of the island. The stony headlands are covered with magnificent vegetation, and in waters of this part of lagoons you can see rich sea life. Here we recommend to you to take a mask, flippers and to dive. Practically all beaches of the island are municipal, all beaches has chaise longues with umbrellas. Also we can offer you another beaches - Kamal and Nye Harn.

   Samet's island is located in the Gulf of Siam near Phatthaya. It is very simple to reach it: from the small fishing town -the Ban Phe, boats go to the island in each hour. Island beaches are very nice and beautiful. Who loves silence and a privacy rest on beaches with snow-white sand and the purest sea they comes here. Hotels have the separate cozy rooms of the bungalow type which have been organically entered in a natural landscape. The Samet's southern part has the status of the natural reserve, and there is a monastery with the temple. There is no stormy night life as in nearby Phatthaya. Here you may get a pleasure in silence on uncrowded beaches.

   The island Samui is located in 80 km from the continent. It covers an area of  21 km wide and  25 km deep. The island has the own airport, it is connected by air traffic with Bangkok. The ferry goes from the continental city of Surat Thani. Samui – the third largest island territory of Thailand.

   Samui are beaches with coral sand, the harmonous high palm trees, the most picturesque bays and the rough vegetation covering mountains and hills of the island. The sea delicacies cost very cheap in local restaurants. The most popular beaches of the island - Chaveng and Lama. They are located on east part of the island, and there is concentrated the greatest number of restaurants, bars and entertaining institutions. There are about 20 wild beaches for who prefers lonely rest. Rooms in hotels are the small bungalows located among palm trees on the seashore. Every bungalow has conditioners and all necessary for good rest.

     The Samui outdoor activities offer you tours on the jungle on elephants, diving, sea walks on kayaks along the coast, minigolf. You may visit the Aquarium, a snake farm, theater of monkeys, a garden of butterflies. Favourite show on the island is bullfight. Everywhere in Thailand a lot of massage salons are working...and even elephants make massage. If you will rent jeep for one or two days, You can make many discoveries: to examine waterfalls, fishing villages and the bright local markets.


Shopping and shops of Thailand


   Among other things, Thailand is known as a place where you can buy a jewelry very profitable. In Phatthaya, for example, city-tour include visit of the jeweler center.

   Various figures of elephants, and also panel, plate and mask reckon with their image are traditional Thai souvenirs.

  Usually shops work from 8.00 till 20.00. In Thailand the system of small shops and markets works. It works twenty-four-hour in weekdays and holidays.

   In South East Asia Thai shopping centers are recognized as one of the best. The range of goods amaze: from imported technics to high-tony products of local masters, and the prices always pleasantly surprise. And in Thailand You can meet what you can not meet in other countries. For example: footwear, handbags, belts from skin of a slope, a dragon, a crocodile.

   Fine and light cotton clothes for all family: t-shirts, jeans and skirts with a manual embroidery, fashionable wide trousers. Products from Thai silk which is recognized as one of the best are very popular in Europe. And ceramics! Dishes, vases, bowls, everything is so amazingly beautiful, bright, high art level. The ware from Thai porcelain became fashionable. Green "seladon" porcelain is highly rated.


Kitchen and restaurants of Thailand


   The main food product in the country is special Thai fig. The most popular are dishes from sea and river inhabitants. Also you can taste many noodles dishes, generally it is the rice noodles. You have to taste the well-known soup "tom yam" with shrimps, or less known, but not less tasty "tom ha khay " with chicken and mushrooms. And especially exotic soup is with nests of bats.

   Also you shouldn't forget that many dishes of a local cuisine can be unusually spicy. That's why if you are not sure about your stomach you should ask the waiter - that dish is very spicy and hot or not. Meat in Thai cuisine is often combined with vegetables, rice, noodles, fish or mollusks. In meat products the most famous is a pork. Beef isn't respected so much. Often in one dish several types of meat are used. A duck and chicken dishes are also popular.

   Thailand< - paradise for the fruit fans, many of them are under cultivation here all the year round. Besides acquaintances to us mango, pineapples, water-melons, pomegranates, dates, oranges, grapefruits and bananas - here you can taste such exotic fruit as a papaya, a tamarind, a jackfruit, treat, jujube, longan, langsat, passionfruit, a pomelo, rambutan, sugar apple, tangerine, durian. About 20 types of bananas grow in Thailand: from small sweet bananas to big, intended for frying in hot fan, or cooking in coconut milk or syrup. As a rule, Thais wash down food with ice water or ice tea. From alcoholic beverages Thais drink beer.