Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka


   In open spaces of the Indian Ocean remarkable places with the unique exotic nature are located. The magnificent beaches wash by warm low waves. We would like to introduce you with one of such places.

   This island state with name as "The blessed earth" has the unique architectural structures. The well-known travelers, figures of arts and writers have described this state admiringly in their memoirs. There was a time when this island was called Ceylon. You guessed that it is the modern state of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

   This island is located in 800 km from the equator..

   Sri Lanka is one of highlights in open spaces of the Indian Ocean. It is located in crossing of maritime routes from the Western Asia to South East. Population of the state is more than 21 million people. The warm hospitality is the unique feature of local population. The country has two capitals, official - Sri Jayawardenapura-Kotte, and the actual capital with a residence of the president and the government – Colombo.

   Sri Lanka is a slice of paradise where you will forget about a winter icy cold, touching warm waters of the Indian Ocean, regardless of a month on a calendar. There are the big network of the resort places providing the most various services.

   Sri Lanka is the country with rich history and deep traditions. This island state is the world center of the Buddhism with magnificent monuments of this world religion.

   The history of Sri Lanka has rich cultural heritage. The Portuguese, Dutches and British made the impact on culture of islanders when they was managing directors of the island in different times. You will need at least 3-4 days to visit the surviving structures and ancient statues of the last centuries.

   The resorts of Sri Lanka, it is a rest and a pacification. There are not noisy discos, but there you can get picnics outdoors, fishing, active forms of rest on water and under water, and a lot of different actions for good rest.


Climate of Sri Lanka


   Climate in the East and the North of the island - subequatorial, and in the South and the West - equatorial. Generally in the island territory annual temperature is stable. Any person, depending on the desires, can choose month in the year when surrounding temperature will be the most optimum for him.  April is for fans of hot climate, when average temperature reaches +32 … +35 in the afternoon, and for fans of "cool" temperature the most optimum month is a December, at this time there is +28... +30. At night temperature is till +19, and in mountain places above 1500м air is more cool: in the afternoon +19... +21, at night may be +9... +11. The rains are from May till October on the western coast, on northern and east from November to January. Rains don't disturb rest because generally it is happen in the night, and in the afternoon there are fine and sunny. Some consider high humidity of air as a minus of climate, but it compensate with water temperature not lower than +26... +28 the year round.


Hotels of Sri Lanka


   In Sri Lanka you may choose hotel depending on your financial opportunities. There are hotels with one to five stars. Hotels are located on two zones – coastal and excursion. Each hotel has the architectural concept reflecting traditions of local culture and harmoniously fitting into natural landscape. Each hotel has the cultural program. The program, as a rule, includes the organization of fishing, a barbecue under the moon, walks, thematic evenings, picnics and many other things.

   The personnel of hotels does everything possible and impossible for your comfortable rest. Thanks to system of the resort organization, people come back to these places again and again.

   The resorts of the southwest coast is the biggest hotel system, and also in the island center. During the summer period the vacation is more preferable in the Northeast and the East.


Resorts of Sri Lanka


   Negombo is a zone of fans of fish and seafood. There are a lot of taverns on a beach where you can taste not only all fish delicacies but also to watch how it prepare.

   The resort of Mount Lawinia is a beaches with the dry sand, the purest water and small and quiet waves.  The resort is located in 12 km from the capital.

   Kalutara is a resort zone for fans of sports in the southwest of the island. The resort is well-known for the sports clubs in 42 km from the capital. There is an opportunity for windsurfing, a water ski, sailing, scuba diving and hunting.

   Beruvell's resort is in 56 km to the South from Colombo. There are a lot of modern hotels. Beaches of this resort are the most northern, but the water is warm during the whole year. There you may enjoy of riding. The hotels are equipped with modern tennis courts and platforms for golf.

   The resort Bentota is the known resort on the southwest coast of the island, 62 km to the South from Colombo. The resort zone is created by several hotels, bars and restaurants, shops and theater open-air. Set of entertainments is standard for the majority of resorts.

   The resort Hikkaduwa is a zone with the developed infrastructure and conditions of smart rest for foreign tourists. It is located in 70 km to the South from Colombo.

   Dikwell's resort is famous because of the widest and pure beaches. In this resort zone there are diving centers, corals, the quiet ocean, fishing. Some consider as a shortcoming that there is an absence of hotels more than 3 stars.

   The resort Wadduwa offer you the classy conditions for occupations by water activities of rest. The tropical gardens, the purest beaches supplement feeling of idyll.

   Kogall's resort is the center of scuba diving. Surprising coral reefs and variety of sea inhabitants  make each immersion interesting and unforgettable.


Shopping and shops of Sri Lanka


   Around the world Sri Lanka is known as the country of jewels: rubies, sapphires, alexandrite, amethyst, topazes, aquamarines, tourist's raspberries, etc. There you may get all these jewelry rather cheap. The jewelry fans should vist the city of Ratnapura. Daily from 9.00 mornings till 14.00 there is a fair of the jewels, which cost in times less than prices in specialized shops. But there is an opportunity to get a fake that's why we suggest to buy jewelry in specialized shops and you should ask the certificate. In all shops, except state shops, also as well as in the bazaar, you can bargain and it will help you to save to 30% from goods cost. There is a wide choice of qualitative textiles, most often local production. Besides travel business, the state is the largest exporter of spices in open spaces of the Indian Ocean. There you can buy the real Lankan spices with reasonable prices such as a curry powder, a saffron, a carnation ground by Chile and cinnamon.

   The majority of sellers know English that's why you shouldn't have a problems with communication.

   Monetary unit of the country is the Lankan rupee which export out of borders of the country is forbidden. The exchange of money is better to make directly at the airport, an approximate exchange rate of $1 = 110 rupees.


Sri Lankan kitchen


   Though Sri Lankan food has parallels to South Indian food, it remains distinctly its own form of cuisine. Throughout years of colonization and influence from other countries, Sri Lanka has adapted its food culture into a blend of different curry concoctions and dishes. A few things about Sri Lankan food can be said with certainty: Sri Lankans love spices, they love food that explodes with flavor, and they enjoy deep fried snacks!

   In the menu of kitchens prevail a fish dish and the seafood because cows on the island are sacred animals. Fragrant tea of various grades, exotic fruit and spices are world renowned. Strong, fragrant and not expensive tea Aromatic tea is highly-prized.  

   Each country is proud of the special kitchen, Sri Lanka is not an exception. Traditional fresh flat bread – "roti" which give with a curry. Roti are made with freshly grated coconut, flour, water and salt. They are made into balls of dough, flattened, and then cooked on a hot griddle. Any form of spicy curry sauce handles the task of being the dip for a delicious pol roti!

   Rice and curry is the Sri Lankan staple, though various kinds of flat bread are equally common.

   The majority of dishes have coconut shaving, and also oil and coco juice. From fish on the first place there is a tuna, also as among fruit – a coco.
Sri Lanka is the island fruit paradise with rare and exotic fruit.

Entertainments, excursions and sights of Sri Lanka


   The oldest city of Halle is the main port of the southwest of the country. The history of this city began in 1505 when the first Portuguese seafarer landed here. He has become the first representative of the Portuguese colonial oppression .

   The city of Kandy is located along the longest river of the island of Makhaveli. This city is the Buddhism center on the island, and also it is famous for the artificial lake.

   The city Nuwara-Eliya is located on Gregory's lake. From there you may see Adam's peak being on the sacred mountain. There is a legend that the Buddha left the trace at this peak.

   In the ancient city of Polonnaruwa you may see a magnificent sculpture of the Buddha, and also a great variety of various most ancient cultures.

   On Sigiry's the mountain the city is constructed with gardens with fountains and pools.

   The biggest collection of Buddha statues  is collected in the cave temple at top of the mountain in the town of Dambulla.

   We can't list all sights, but if you will choose this country, you will not be disappointed.


Sport and outdoor activities in Sri Lanka


   Sri Lanka provide a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities.

   The island is the center of divers of the whole world. They are attracted by a variety of coral reefs, exotic sea inhabitants, opportunity to visit the sunk ships.

   The fans of golf will have a several golf course which conform to the international standards. If you are the beginner in this sport, you may get a help for first course of the game, as in groups, and individually.

   Fans of extreme rest will find run-down on Kelani's mountain river. This river is flowing among violence of exotic plants. Routes are developed according to complexity from 1 to 4 degrees. Also you will have possibility for flights on parachutes, rounds safaris, walks by mountain bicycles and many other things where you want to raise adrenaline level.

   If you decided to get tour to Sri Lanka from October to April, you will get a good possibility for surfing. There is a lot of places suitable for surfing. The resort Hikkudawa is  the most popular.

   And fans of fishing will be pleasantly surprised with abundance and a variety of fish in waters of Sri Lanka.