India (Goa


India (Goa)


    Goa - the smallest state of India, nevertheless, it is the main resort of the country. The former colony of Portugal in India. The capital of the state is Panadzha. Tourism is the main income of staff. The coast of the Arabian Sea makes 110 kilometers with forty surprising beaches.

    Goa is divided on two parts. Northern Goa is more intended for youth rest, and South Goa is respectable hotels and pure, almost deserted beaches.

    Here you may engage in any kinds of aquatics.Remains of sunken vessels will give extreme feelings under water. At desire you can be engaged in fishing. Local fishermen for a symbolical payment will organize it and will help to prepare something from your catch. Quiet rest and relaxation.

    In Northern Goa there are a lot of hotels without stars – guest-houses. Local tourists and freaks (this is hippie, Rastas and club public) make party-crowd. After noisy parties they sleep on a beach, and then go on the following party. Many of them are living like this. Besides there are a lot of night clubs and discos. A quiet people and a family should have a rest on the Southern coast better.


Climate of Goa


    Goa features a tropical monsoon climate. Goa, being in the tropical zone and near the Arabian Sea, has a hot and humid climate for most of the year. The month of May is the hottest, seeing day temperatures of over 35 °C coupled with high humidity. The monsoon rains arrive by early June and provide a much needed respite from the heat. Most of Goa's annual rainfall is received through the monsoons which last till late September.
    Goa has a short winter season between mid-December and February. These months are marked by nights of around 21 °C and days of around 28 °C  with moderate amounts of humidity. Further inland, due to altitudinal gradation, the nights are a few degrees cooler.


Hotels of Goa


    One of the best resorts of the world and the most beautiful place in India is Goa. Rest on the coast of Goa is popular among the Indian population and foreigners. The state of Goa very strongly differs from a usual image of India thanks to gold sand, the unique nature of tropics and mixture of many cultures and styles.

   Goa has the developed tourist network and a wide choice of boarding houses and hotels of different level. You may rent an apartments or a country house for the period of rest.

   Aguada fort divides Northern and Southern parts of staff. The resort zone is located in the Southern part of staff, rank as a very expensive. The rich people from Europe and the rich Hindus have a rest here. And the no-expensive boarding houses are located in Northern Goa. The young people from America and Europe come here to have rest. Thanks to them Northern Goa is famous in the world.


South Goa resorts


    On a coastal strip many magnificent hotels of different level with high-quality service are constructed. Beaches of the highest category are near the villages located from Velsao to Betalbatim. Everywhere are groves of palm trees and fruit trees.

   Don Paúl is the nice resort near the capital of the state of Panaji

   Bogmalo is located near the airport Dabolim.

   Kolva is the biggest resort of the southern Goa. There are a lot of country houses and fishing huts.

   The tourists who need shady trees and small, very cozy cafes prefer Benaulim resort.

   And also there are resorts Palolem, Kavelossim, Mobor, Madjorda, Varka and Kavelossim.

   Betull. This beach is located on river bank of Sal and you may reach it only by the boat. Tourists come there seldom. There are hotels and you may rent the room in guest-house.


Resorts of Northern Goa


   The main resorts are Arambol, Aguada, Andjuna, Vagator, Baga, Kalangut, Kandolim and Sinkuerim, Mordjim, Ashvem, Mandrem. There are the beaches located in the north of Goa which weren't touched by a civilization. In general Goa as tourist place, began exactly in the north. In the sixties this coast was chosen by freedom-loving and creative youth people (hippie). Andjun's beaches and Baga became for them  some kind of Mecca. There are the abundance of bars, shops, night clubs. In Arambol and Mordjimedut you may cloister oneself and take pleasure in tranquillity. In Mordjim more than a half of vacationers are from Russia. This resort is "the Russian village" and locals study Russian successfully.


Shopping and shops of Goa


    For travellers to Goa, the visit is not complete unless they take back a souvenir of their memorable sojourn in this magnificent paradise. Naturally, shopping should be a priority on the itinerary of every tourist, along with the sightseeing attractions.

    The excellent local handicrafts of Goa are easily the most popular souvenir items and include brassware, terracotta, shell work, crochet, carved furniture, bamboo work, papier-mache, etc. These are available in the Government Emporia and also at shops and stalls near the popular tourist spots.

    Another item which is on the list of every traveller to Goa is a pack of the famed cashew nuts. These are available practically everywhere. There are shops specialising in selling only cashewnuts. The nuts are available in a wide variety of tastes ranging from plain, salted and masala. The prices vary based on the quality and flavour.

    There are also many fascinating options in the lifestyle and fashion shops which have come up in recent times. Some of these are located in fabulous old Goan houses which have been painstakingly restored. These shops make the best selections in home styling and fashion available to the tourists at quite reasonable prices.

    It is also a fascinating experience to go around and shop in the traditional markets of the Goan towns and villages. These markets are a mirror of Goa's ethnic culture and provide a glimpse of the typical Goan way of doing business.

    Most deluxe hotels and resorts also have good in-house shops, but the price ranges are usually higher.

    The charm of shopping in Goa lies in bargaining to your heart's content in markets and shops until you finally bring down the price and make the purchase a worthwhile experience.


Cuisine of Goa


    Goan cuisine consists of regional foods popular in Goa, located along India's west coast along the Arabian Sea. Seafood, coconut milk,rice, and local spices are main ingredients of Goan cuisine. The area is located in a tropical climate, which means that spices and flavors are intense. Use of Kokum is another distinct feature. Goan food is considered incomplete without fish..

    The cuisine of Goa is influenced by its Hindu origins, four hundred years of Portuguese colonialism, and modern techniques. The state is frequently visited by tourists for its beaches and historic sites, so its food has an international aspect

    One of the most famous and popular drinks that Goa is actually synonymous with is the Feni. Also known as the Fenny, this Goan drink can get a person drunk in no time. This Indian liquor is of two types - Cashew Feni and Coconut Feni. While coconut Feni is made by fermenting the fruit of the Cashew tree, coconut Feni is made from the juice of toddy plants. The Goan Fenny is usually considered to be superior compared to all other types of Fenny. The Feni drink of Goa is a must try if you are visiting Goa anytime.


Entertainments, excursions and sights of Goa


    Goa is rich with the historical buildings and temples. There are many forts remained from the fort Terrakkol in the north of Goa, to Kabu-da-Rama fort in the south of the country. They served for protection of the provinces located nearby.

    In Goa there are a lot of colourful markets where you may buy any pleasant goods.

    Dudhsagar Falls are very well-known in Goa and are the fifth in size in India. Water of these falls has white color. Thanks to it their names are by "Sea of Milk".

    The farm of spices is in Pontus. During excursion you may get spices and various essential oils.

    You may visit the night market in Arpora and not only to buy a handiwork, but also to see the Indian dances, jugglers and to listen to traditional music.


Events to Goa. .


   Different festivals, carnivals are periodically held on Goa. There is an influence of Europe too.

   Incendiary night parties on the coast and various entertainments are guaranteed day and night.